News sheet 1st Quarter 2010
Cherwell District Council's Draft Core Strategy

Cherwell District Council has launched its consultation on its Draft ‘Core Strategy’ Development Plan Document. The consultation lasts until 19th April 2010.

The Core Strategy will set the broad planning framework for meeting the future needs of Cherwell.  It will set out how the district will grow, how this will be delivered and where this growth will take place.

Whilst we are concerned that the Core Strategy still addresses centrally-imposed housing targets that will be scrapped within a year if there is a change of Government, we are very pleased that CDC has decided against pursuing the most controversial Banbury housing sites at Wykham Lane and Crouch Hill. We also believe that the proposed Bankside 2 site and the Land West of M40 employment site offer the best potential for gaining the south-to-east link road that the town already desperately needs. We are disappointed that our South Grimsbury / Spittal Farm site (ex ‘Site D’) is not included, as this would have completed the link.

You can view CDC’s consultation leaflet online. The full Draft Core Strategy and a questionnaire are also available on-line at (click Development Plan Documents). It is also available to view at all public libraries in the district, the council’s LinkPoints at Banbury, Bicester and Kidlington and the Cherwell District Council’s main office at Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury.

As you will see from the leaflet, the council are holding a number of exhibitions throughout the consultation:

Crown Walk, Bicester Friday 5th March 9 - 5 pm
Crown Walk, Bicester Saturday 6th March 9 - 5 pm
Castle Quay Shopping Centre Banbury Saturday 13th March 9 - 5.30pm
Cherwell District Council Office, Bodicote House, Bodicote  Thursday 25th March 9 - 5.30pm
Sunshine Centre, Bretch Hill, Banbury Tuesday 30th March 9 - 7.30pm

You are encouraged to submit your own observations to CDC. The BCS will of course be responding to the consultation and needs to know your views. Please feel free to contact committee members with your opinions before the end of March.