Newsletter January 2009
Transport Update

Because the Civic Society is represented on the Banbury Traffic Advisory Committee, we are able to take our concerns about traffic and transport direct to the appropriate authorities. The Civic Society Management Committee recently resolved that more might be done to stop cyclists riding on pavements and in pedestrian areas of the town; that matter was taken up and is being referred to the Police. The thoughtless and often illegal parking of cars in certain roads is another matter that the Traffic Advisory Committee is trying to address. It is hoped to extend the Residents’ Parking Schemes that already exist in some roads. The most recent Traffic Advisory Committee meeting looked at a number of locations in Banbury where minor alterations might improve the safety of motorists and pedestrians and enable traffic to flow more freely. Other issues being discussed are as follows:

  • Car parking facilities at Banbury railway station – the matter is being treated as a matter of high priority and major improvements are highly likely.
  • Speed limits – reductions from 40 mph to 30 mph along the Warwick and Stratford roads are proposed, largely to improve the safety of school pupils.
  • Grimsbury traffic scheme – the experimental traffic scheme in Grimsbury is being continually monitored, as are the problems caused by greatly increased volumes of traffic where Merton Street joins Middleton Road.
  • Buses – the needs and convenience of bus users are a significant concern of the Traffic Advisory Committee. Plans are in hand for well-sited bus stops to serve the new Medical Centre in South Bar.
  • Morrisons pedestrian crossing – a new pedestrian crossing involving changes to the phasing of the traffic lights at the junction of Swan Close Road and Upper Windsor Street will improve access to Morrisons from the Gatteridge Street area. This will be welcomed by nearby residents, particularly those in the nearby sheltered housing.
Readers of this newsletter are invited to contact the Civic Society secretary if they have comments, suggestions or complaints that they wish to be brought to the attention of the Traffic Advisory Committee.