About Us
Who we are and what we do

Banbury is a fine country town and a delightful place in which to live and work. The aim of the Civic Society is to encourage a sustainable future for the town and to safeguard its historic past.

  •  The Society is consulted on critical planning applications, both for modern developments and in the Conservation Areas.

  •  Issues such as town planning, public transport, new roads and housing developments as well as preserving our architectural heritage are all covered as part of our activities.

  •  The Society makes representations to Public Inquiries, responds to planning applications when necessary and represents members’ views on local issues to the County, District and Town councils.

  •  The Society is represented on the Banbury Traffic Advisory Committee, The Banbury Town Centre Partnership, Banbury Built Heritage Working Party and other locally-organised forums.

  •  The Society produces a Newsletter which is distributed to members, key Councillors, local decision makers and other relevant groups.

  •  The Society is a member of the Civic Voice, the national body of the civic movement in England.

If you share our determination to preserve and enhance the character of Banbury and ensure a lively and prosperous future for the town and its people, please join the Banbury Civic Society today.

The Executive Team



Chairman – Rob Kinchin-Smith

Vice Chairman – Mo Mant

Hon Treasurer – Adrienne Rees Brown

Hon Secretary  - (Vacant)

 Committee members

John Batts

John Bell 

Laurence Carey

David Finlay

Steven Malloy

Nick Poole

Peter Monk

Robert Richwood

Jill East