Newsletter April 2009
Traffic and Transport Update

The Banbury Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) has always been helpful over matters brought to it by the Civic Society, referring them to appropriate bodies when necessary. Ongoing concern over the problems caused by illegal car parking in the town is being addressed. Difficulties and dangers to pedestrians brought about by people (not necessarily young) cycling on pavements are not being followed up however, because of a lack of reported accidents. Indeed, the TAC was told that far more pedestrians are hit by cyclists on roads than on pavements.

The Civic Society’s continuing dissatisfaction over the lack of adequate car parking facilities at Banbury railway station seems to be widely shared. Possible solutions are being worked on and we look forward to hearing about positive moves soon.

A matter that the Civic Society had requested to be considered by the TAC is the phasing of the traffic lights at Bridge Street crossroads. Drivers approaching along Concord Avenue and wishing to turn right into Bridge Street are often held up for several cycles of the lights at busy times. These lights are causing particular problems for National Express coaches (including airport coaches) accessing the bus station. Some coaches are consequently diverting along Middleton Road, to the disapproval of many Grimsbury residents. It was agreed at the last TAC that the traffic-light sequences at the various approaches to Bridge Street Cross Roads would be reviewed.