Newsletter April 2009
Banbury Town Hall refurbishment of main chamber

Following the restoration of the clock-tower and opening-up of the ‘minstrels gallery’ in the main chamber, Banbury Town Council is now restoring the remainder of the main chamber. This includes removal of the textured paint finish, stripping of stonework details and redecoration of the walls with a period scheme. The works also involve insulating the ceiling, restoring the wooden floor and installing reproduction cast-iron radiators. As the new heating system involves the loss of the distinctive original cast-iron ‘column’ radiators, the Society has been in discussion with the Town Council over the retention of some radiators in-situ and the long-term storage of removed radiators in the basement. We have also asked for care to be taken over paint stripping, in case genuine early decorative schemes are concealed behind the later ‘institutional’ paint. The unveiling of the restored chamber is eagerly awaited.