2009 Annual General Meeting

The Civic Society AGM will take place at the St Mary’s Centre, Horsefair on May 13 at 7.30pm

The evening will feature a talk by Professor Brian Goodey entitled Just a lot of old buildings? How popular heritage is changing.

Local concern for historic buildings has a long and honourable history. It is an essential element in shaping and re-shaping the image, and memories, of a town.

But the built heritage still relies heavily on professional architectural knowledge and language, and on the studied concerns of enthusiasts.

The use of electronic media and changes in education have encouraged new understandings of time, chronology and culture. For younger generations such changes endorse a very different view of culture and heritage.

Using Banbury as a setting, Professor Goodey’s talk will explore the way in which memories, events, patterns of gathering and individual life experiences shape individual ‘heritage’.

There is much to learn for the revitalisation of community concern for place.

Brian Goodey is Professor Emeritus in Urban Landscape Design at Oxford Brookes University. He still teaches at Oxford and at Anglia Ruskin Universities, is a consultant to the Council of Europe, and is Chair of the Postal Heritage Trust, responsible for the Bristol Postal Museum and Archive.

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Nomination papers will be sent out in advance of the AGM. Any members keen to take an active role in the Society are cordially invited to speak to the Chairman.