Canalside Regeneration Events
Review summary

A summary of the comments made by the discussion groups at the third Consultation event at the Town Hall in response to questions posed by the Chairman.

What does or could the canal really mean to Banbury?

  • It could mean more to those who live and work immediately around it than to the rest of Banbury
  • It could just mean the annual Canal Day
  • It could be an important reference to Banbury’s industrial heritage
  • It could be a resource for leisure and recreation
  • It could incorporate a leisure facility with a park including both the canal and the river
  • It could be a place for boats and people
  • It is an opportunity for the town to benefit from tourism
  • The canal is the natural trail between Oxford and Stratford for cultural tourism
  • The canal is a natural resource for industrial tourism

What is good and bad about modern development north of the bridge, inc Castle Quay?

  • The Castle Quay shopping centre faces away from the canal
  • This isolates the Mill and Spiceball from the town
  • The shopping centre is too high, depriving the canal of natural light
  • Placing multi-storey car parks on both sides of the canal further restricts access, light and activity
  • Only the Museum cafe faces on to the canal, but it lies in the shadow of the bridge
  • The design of the Museum entrance is not interesting or attractive - it is not clear that it leads to the Museum and appears to be just another shop
  • The Museum building does not fit well in its location
  • The Mill Arts Centre makes better use of space
  • The lock bridge and swing bridge are attractive and create access across the canal

How much of this is design and how much is management (signage, staffing & etc)?

  • Castle Quay creates barriers in its design and is managed as a private commercial space rather than a public space
  • Signs could be managed better, for example to Spiceball Park
  • The Mill Arts Centre is well designed
  • It is difficult to change some design decisions short of demolition
  • There are opportunities to improve some aspects
  • The places already developed north of the bridge could benefit from links to the Canalside regeneration area south of the bridge

What could be done throughout the canal’s length to generate activity around the canal?

  • Open areas making the most of the views and existing buildings
  • Create long green views down the valley
  • Create integrating views for example toward the Town Hall
  • Light areas creating a feeling of security
  • Car parking space might be used out of peak hours for other activities
  • Leisure facilities (see features below)
  • Ease of access to and through (see accessibility below)

What features in the Canalside Regeneration area are valuable assets worthy of retention / enhancement?

  • The canal bridges
  • The Jurassic Way footpath
  • Historic buildings and features, including the industrial heritage
  • The historic street pattern
  • The building with a curved roof facing Morrisons and Swann Close Road
  • Mixed leisure, housing and commercial use

What new features might benefit Canalside Regeneration?

  • Cafes
  • Pubs
  • Art galleries
  • Artisan workshops
  • Live – work units
  • A sculpture park or trail
  • Public art
  • An art-house cinema
  • A community area like Oxford's Jericho
  • Water features
  • Fountains
  • Arms off the canal or canal basins
  • Playgrounds

What would be the desirable scale / mix?

  • Not massive
  • Small scale buildings generally
  • Fragmented domestic, commercial and industry
  • Careful placement of buildings having different scale
  • Not zonal
  • Less than 5 storeys
  • 2 to 5 storeys near historic town
  • Include industry and office space creating a lively social space during the day

How might accessibility / permeability be imroved?

  • Green lines
  • Facilities for dog walking
  • Ample attractive bridges and footbridges across Cherwell and Upper Windsor streets, the canal, the river and the railway
  • Ample links to both Banbury centre and Grimsbury
  • Clear signage

How can the Canalside Regeneration area be integrated into the town centre?

  • See access above
  • Complement the town centre rather than compete with it
  • Create new traditions rather than just follow existing ones
  • It can provide an opportunity to move away from high density development
  • It can complement and be complemented by other developments

Does Banbury care ... and can we make it care more? How best to move forward from here?

  • Continue events like these talks, discussions and visits
  • Interest the newspapers
  • Contact British Waterways and Inland Waterways
  • Encourage people's faith that they can make a difference in local ecisions
  • Join the Civic Society
  • Publicise the Civic Society more
  • Volunteer to talk about the Society at the Canal Day 4th October
  • Attract younger people to the Society
  • Engage with schools and colleges
  • Cherwell District Council will continue to review in line with planning principles and public views including the Civic Society
  • CDC will review canalside concepts in the next two months