Newsletter 4th Quarter 2009
Traffic and Transport Update

The Civic Society Management Committee members were as surprised as everyone else by the short notice given of the drastic re-routing of traffic caused by the Bridge Street roadworks at the end of July. The closure of the eastern section of Bridge Street to eastbound traffic meant that drivers and taxi passengers wishing to get to the railway station were sent on a lengthy diversion via Hennef Way, Ermont Way and Middleton Road. One temporary benefit was that traffic leaving the railway station flowed much more freely, but we are now back to the delays caused by people turning right from Station Approach against traffic from both directions, thus holding up all the vehicles exiting behind them! The authorities are going to try to address this problem, perhaps by some traffic control at peak times.

Both Stagecoach and Heyfordian bus operators did their best to minimise inconvenience to passengers during the works. Passengers from Grimsbury on the Brackley route were allowed to use Banbury-bound buses free of charge to the bus station, boarding the diverted Brackley service there. Passengers joining the tortuous Grimsbury local service in the town centre were given a grand tour around the outskirts of the town before the bus followed its normal route from West Street.

Oxfordshire County Council is conferring on a new Oxfordshire Local Transport Plan. The Banbury Civic Society will be represented on the North Oxfordshire group. More details on the Transport Plan, and on how people living in and around Banbury can contribute ideas, will be made known in due course. The Civic Society Newsletter will keep you up to date.