Newsletter October 2008
Transport - Update

The Banbury Traffic Advisory Committee met in September. These are some of the issues raised.

The revised traffic scheme for Merton Street has come into force for an experimental period.So far local reaction has apparently been favourable.

The Transport Department has given consideration to improving safety on the “western corridor” linking Bloxham Road, Broughton Road and Warwick Road. Problems are caused by speeding and by poor visibility of approaching traffic at certain links between the two carriageways. More and clearer warning notices will be installed to improve the situation.

The planned improvement of parking facilities at Banbury Railway Station is now regarded as a priority and it is hoped that talks between the various bodies responsible will lead to definite decisions being made and the plans put into effect as soon as possible. The Civic Society committee strongly welcomes this.

The Civic Society awaits with interest the outcome of the Public Inquiry (on December 2nd ) into the plans for pedestrianisation of Parsons Street. There are arguments for and against the scheme, which is so strongly supported by the District and Town Councils.

The Civic Society Committee has requested that the next meeting of the Banbury Traffic Advisory Committee Meeting should address the problem of cyclists riding on pavements endangering pedestrians.