Newsletter 4th Quarter 2009
Canal Day 2009

The sun shone, the people came and no-one fell into the canal. Success! The theme of this year’s Canal Day was Ghosts and Ghouls, and the canal being watery, pirate ghosts were the order of the day. In view of CDC’s forthcoming consultation on the Canalside regeneration, our displays (on panels generously loaned by John and Margot Bell and suitably draped with rusty chains and cobwebs) were themed as ‘the Ghost of Canalside Past’, ‘the Ghost of Canalside Present’ and ‘the Ghost of Canalside Yet to Come’. Our Chairman’s dress followed the ghostly pirate theme. Other BCS members on the stand looked far too healthy for the occasion, but a healthy constitution was needed, as the day was long and we were kept constantly busy by the very strong public interest in our exhibition of historic, contemporary and future images and maps of the Canalside regeneration area. Our banner proved itself worthwhile again, being highly visible from quite a distance along the canal. Let us hope that those who spoke so passionately about wanting to be involved in Banbury’s future will join in CDC’s Canalside consultation which runs from 2nd November to 14th December and included CDC’s exhibition on Saturday 14th November in Castle Quay shopping centre. If you care about this major development in the heart of Banbury, we hope you managed to go to the exhibition but it is still not too late to get involved: put forward your comments and ideas.

Civic Society Chairman, Rob Kinchin Smith in jaunty mood on Canal Day.
The display of Canal side pictures proved to be a popular attraction to Canal Day visitors