Newsletter 4th Quarter 2009
Calling All Teachers

The Institute of Historic Building Conservation is offering six CABE education grants of up to £1,500 to support imaginative teaching and learning about architecture and the design and use of buildings and public spaces. Successful applicants will create opportunities to involve pupils in exemplary learning experiences. The pupils’ learning and participation in the process is crucial. All teachers in England that work in the 5-19 age range can apply for a CABE education grant.

CABE education grants can be used to:

  • fully fund a project
  • part-fund a project that has additional guaranteed funding (you must make clear where this is from in your application)
  • fund projects that are being run in partnership with other schools or organisations (only if you are the lead partner).

The grant can be used to pay for project resources and materials, the costs of other providers such as architects or artists, travel, supply cover or other equipment specifically to aid the delivery of the project. You will need to submit a budget that explains in as much detail as possible how you intend to spend the money.

CABE education grants promote educational projects that explore architecture and the design and use of buildings and public spaces in an imaginative way. These could be linked to any curriculum subject(s) where you can demonstrate relevance. Out-ofschool-hours projects that are not specifically curriculum related may also be funded, as long as they relate to broader educational and participatory aims. If you are interested or know a teacher who is interested, contact Mo Mant (01295 721630) for more details.