News sheet 1st Quarter 2010
Why a news sheet?

As you may be aware, last Autumn the Banbury Civic Society held a series of talks, visits and open fora on the regeneration of Banbury's Canalside area. The process was exceptionally valuable, learning first-hand from similar projects in other Midlands towns and understanding the town-planning problems of the site and public perceptions about what to keep and what has to be improved.

In the course of these events, it was suggested by many, including CDC members and officers, that the Banbury Civic Society should offer its own vision statement for this key site. This has now been printed and copies have been sent to Town and District councillors, relevant CDC officers and others. It is also available in at Banbury Library and online.

Unfortunately, producing the Canalside Vision has required an enormous input from the Editor of the Newsletter as well as several regular Newsletter contributors. Please accept our apologies for this very brief News Sheet in place of our usual Winter Newsletter. We will reporting on a number of winter happenings in a bumper Spring edition of our normal Newsletter.